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Javad Hakimzadeh, a distinguished senior marketing consultant and member of the Industrial Management Institute's faculty, has been at the forefront of marketing education since 2010. Serving as the dean of Marketing within the organization, he has adeptly led graduate courses, showcasing his wealth of experience and expertise. With an extensive 20-year career in the marketing industry, Javad Hakimzadeh boasts a rich background encompassing diverse roles in both domestic and international companies. His focus lies in business development, alongside a keen interest in business re-creation and re-engineering, all viewed through the lens of specialized marketing perspectives.  
Javad Hakimzadeh has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of marketing education and consultancy. He has successfully crafted a range of consulting and training programs, collaborating with esteemed international institutes such as Lyon University in France, Cologne University in Germany, and the Accenture International Institute. Through these collaborations, he has seamlessly integrated global best practices into his teachings, further enriching the educational experience for his students and clients alike. 




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